Into the Moment Journal


Filled with coloring pages and insightful exercises to help you stay present during times of anxiety, stress, burnout, and more, Into the Moment has something for everyone. Each page offers an activity that will bring you back into your body and back into the present, while also equipping you with emotional coping strategies for the future.


An engaging collection of journal prompts and coloring pages to distract an anxious or overwhelmed mind, Into the Moment is a must-have tool for anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed. Filled with coloring pages and insightful prompts to help you simplify your thoughts when they’re coming at you too fast, this book has a meaningful mix of activities to boost creativity and ease your anxiety. Not only will it help you ground yourself in the present moment, but it will also equip you with strategies for the future.

Journalers, doodlers, and coloring book fans are sure to find solace within these pages, one distraction at a time.

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