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Positively Present is a creative endeavor launched by Dani DiPirro (that’s me!) in 2009 to see what would happen if I attempted to live a more positive, present life (something that does not come easily to my anxious, negative brain!) and shared my experiences with others.

At a particularly low point in early 2009, I found myself searching for self-help advice online. One article encouraged me to write down everything I wanted to feel in my life. After writing pages and pages of words, I was asked to circle my top two.

I circled “positive” and “present.”

And that’s how Positively Present was born! At the time, blogs were all the rage, so I decided to start a blog, documenting my attempts to live a more positively present life. For me, “positively present” means making the most of the moment, whatever that might be. Being positively present isn’t about pretending things are great when they’re not; it’s about doing what you can to accept (and, if possible, embrace) where you are right now.

Since 2009, Positively Present has grown from an optimistic blog to an inspiring collection of books, workbooks, products, and more — all designed to help others learn what I have: that life really is better if you strive to live positively in the present.

Positively Present is dedicated to positive personal development through inspirational words and vibrant, colorful content. On the site, you’ll find my advice for dealing with life’s challenges, inspiration for staying positive even when it’s difficult, and resources for staying positive and present.

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About Dani DiPirro

Dani DiPirro

Hi, I’m Dani, an author and artist living in a suburb of Washington, DC. In 2009, I launched PositivelyPresent.com with the intention of sharing my insights about striving to life a more positive and present life.

Over the years, I’ve shared my personal experiences with love, break-ups, sobriety, relationships, change, mindfulness, stress, and more! Check out the Blog to read them.

In 2012, I took the leap and left my full-time job in Marketing to pursue a career with Positively Present. That year I self-published Stay Positive: Daily Reminders from Positively Present, as well as a variety of digital workbooks.

My traditionally published works include: Everyday Optimism: How to Be Positive and Present at Work, at Home, and in Love  (formally The Positively Present Guide to Life), the Effortless Inspiration book series, Grow Through It: Inspiration for Weathering Life’s Seasons, and Out of Your Mind: A Journal and Coloring Book to Distract Your Anxious Mind.

From 2015-2020, I illustrated and wrote the Every Day Matters diaries. Since then, I have created best-selling calendars and planners, including Negativity Is Boring, Positivity Is A Mindset, Opt for Optimism, and Wonderful Things Might Happen.

If you want to keep up with my latest work, follow along on Instagram @positivelypresent for daily illustrations and inspiration.


The Positively Present website was designed by the talented Megan Gersch in 2021. Check out Megan’s work on MeganGersch.com.


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