Welcome to the 13th Annual Positively Present Gratitude Challenge! I love celebrating gratitude in the month of November, and doing this Challenge becomes one of the highlights of my year every single year.  If you’re new to this Challenge, below are some details (as well as info on each prompt!).


“Challenge” is just a word.

The goal of the Challenge is to focus on (and share if you want!) something (a photo, illustration, quote, etc.) every day, using the prompts to help you feel more appreciative. Feel free to get creative, make up your own prompts, etc.  Gratitude is what it’s all about — no need to be a professional photographer or artist, or even keep up every single day!

Join in at any time.

The point of the Challenge is to focus on staying thankful for 30 days. You can start the challenge on November 1 and do it for the whole month, or you can start the challenge any day that works for you and follow along at your own pace. I see people discovering and partaking in the Challenge all year so don’t feel limited to the 30 days of November!

Use the hashtag #Gratitude30.

Sharing your pics on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.? If you tag them with #Gratitude30, others can see them. If you click on the hashtag, you’ll be able to see how others interpret and share the prompts every day. Plus, because this has been used for over a decade, there’s tons of inspiration to explore!


DAY 1: Self-Care

Today be grateful for the ways you take care of yourself. Notice the little ways you keep yourself going physically and emotionally. Try to do something extra nice for yourself today!

DAY 2: Nature 

There are so many incredible aspects of nature to be grateful for, and today’s prompt urges you to find and focus on some of your favorite elements of the natural world.

DAY 3: Optimism

Optimism can be life-changing. Today, focus on ways you’ve chosen to be optimistic — or on those who inspire you to keep looking for the good in life.

DAY 4: Work

Work isn’t always something we make time to be grateful for, but it’s important to celebrate the tasks that give us purpose — or at least help us put food on the table.

DAY 5: Quotes

The words of others can impact us in so many ways. Turn your attention today to quotes that have really uplifted, inspired, or resonated with you.

DAY 6: Time

Today’s a good day to reflect on time — how you spend it, how much you have had, and how much you have left — and appreciate the moments you have been given.

DAY 7: Creativity

Can you imagine a world without creativity? How boring it would be! Today, celebrate your own creativity as well as the creative inspiration that inspires you.

DAY 8: Health

Health is the most important gift we can be given. Appreciate all of the ways your body is healthy, and allow yourself to feel how you feel about any parts that aren’t working so well.

DAY 9: Friendship

Rejoice in friendship with today’s prompt! These connections are something we’re lucky to have. Try to tell your friends how much you love them today.

DAY 10: Books

Books are a kind of magic that can teach us or transport us, inspire us or inform us. Use today’s prompt to appreciate (maybe even re-read) your favorite book.

DAY 11: Memories

Today, focus on some of your favorite memories and appreciate how fortunate you were to have those experiences. If you want, try to make a new, happy memory today.

DAY 12: Beauty

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of beauty? Today’s the day to appreciate that thing — and  to make an effort to look for beauty everywhere you can.

DAY 13: Kindness 

Celebrate World Kindness Day (today!) by appreciating the kindness you give and receive in your life. If you can, try to do a random act of kindness today.

DAY 14: Love

Love is one of the most amazing aspects of being alive. Focus on the things you love about life, as well as the people who make life worth loving. And show yourself some love, too!

DAY 15: Emotions

Feelings come and go, and even the painful ones have their benefits. Consider all of the feelings you’ve experienced and appreciate how lovely it is to feel a range of emotion.

DAY 16: Music

Few things are more powerful than music. Today, make time to appreciate (and listen to!) music you enjoy while reflecting on how lucky you are to experience music in your life.

DAY 17: Animals

Even if you’re not an animal lover, you can appreciate the incredible diversity and beauty in the animal kingdom. Choose your favorite animal to focus your gratitude on today.

DAY 18: Rest 

If you’ve ever missed a night of sleep or had a day without any breaks, you know how valuable rest is. Today, appreciate all of the moments of rest you’re given throughout the day.

DAY 19: Laughter

One of the greatest feelings in the world is having a big belly laugh. Think back to all of those laugh-out-loud memories, and try seek out something to make you laugh today

DAY 20: Seasons

The changing of seasons is so transformative. Even if you don’t have a lot of seasonal change where you live, use today to reflect on your favorite time of year and why you enjoy it so much.

DAY 21: Color

Celebrate today’s prompt — color — by thinking about your favorite colors and then keeping an eye out for them all day long. Try to use colors you love when you write or draw today!

DAY 22: Technology

Today consider some of the ways technology positively impacts your life. Notice and appreciate the aspects of life that are made easier to technological advancements.

DAY 23: Home

Home is where the heart is, they say. Today, reflect on what you love about your home, and remind yourself to be grateful for a roof over your head.

DAY 24: Inspiration

Today, seek out inspiration wherever you can find it. Appreciate the ways that you feel when something sparks excitement within you and you feel inspired.

DAY 25: Comfort

Focus your attention on the things that comfort you, remembering to be extra thankful for the things that help you get through difficult or anxious times.

DAY 26: Fun

Today’s goal: have fun! If you can’t make your own fun today, spend some time reflecting on some of the fun you’ve had in the past — and make a plan for future fun!

DAY 27: Dreams

You can use today’s prompt to focus on literal, nighttime dreams (how fascinating they are!) or on figurative, goal-oriented dreams, appreciating what you’ve achieved or planned.

DAY 28: Happiness

Happiness comes and goes, and today’s a good day to appreciate the moments of happiness you’ve experienced. Take notice of the moments you feel happiest today.

DAY 29: Family

Today, appreciate the people in your life — biological, chosen, or otherwise — that you call family. These people shape your life in so many ways, and it’s a good day to celebrate them.

DAY 30: Growth 

On the final day of the gratitude challenge, turn your gratitude toward growth. How have you grown since this time last year? How do you want to grow in the future?  Appreciate how far you’ve come and how much you’re still going to do in this life. Keep growing!

These 30 prompts are merely suggestions, so feel free to make up your own prompts or mix these up. As you focus on gratitude this month, don’t forget to use the hashtag #Gratitude30 so I can see your posts.  I can’t wait spend the month of November focusing on all the things we’re thankful for!

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