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Another October, another reminder that I’m forever in love with fall. Even though the season hasn’t quite arrived yet (these 90° days are killing me!), I can’t help feeling my annual autumn obsession arise once again. To celebrate the season, I thought I’d share some of my favorite posts and inspiration about this time of year…


October: A Reminder to Live Slowly

October is, hands down, the best month of the year. Not only does the weather turn cooler (byeeee, humidity!), but the trees are ablaze with color (and, as you probably know, I’m a big fan of color!). It’s the best. But it’s also a nice pause before the chaotic end-of-the-year months of November and December. Check out this post if you need a reminder to slow down. 


14 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

This is one of many posts I’ve written about the joy of autumn, but, being the longest one, it incorporates most of the many reasons I love the season. Check out this post if you need a reason to love fall (I know for a lot of people it’s the first sign of the depression-inducing winter months so perhaps this will inspire some positive thoughts about the season), or check it out if you want to reaffirm your belief that autumn is awesome. Related: pop over to the Autumn Obsession Pinterest board for a round-up of my favorite autumnal things. 


Let the Dead Leaves Drop: Lessons from Autumn on Letting Go

While this post isn’t necessarily about the season itself, it does provide some valuable information on how we can learn from the acceptance and release so prevalent in nature during this time of year. Spring and autumn are the seasons of big change, and we can learn a lot from the way things work in nature, particularly when it comes to letting go. Check this one out if you need to let something go.


Embracing Autumn: 6 Ways to Enjoy the Season

Similar to the “14 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall post,” this one highlights some of the best ways to take advantage of fall fun. We’re all busy and embracing the seasons isn’t always something we make time for, but, when it comes to autumn, it’s worth it to enjoy the season (particularly if you’re not a fan of winter and will be trapped indoors by the frigid months to come). Check this post out if you need inspiration to get out and enjoy autumn.  


Why Halloween Makes Me Happy

Anyone who knows me knows I love Halloween. Always have, for some unknown reason! This post focuses on my beloved holiday and why I love it. If you’re a Halloween fan, be sure to check this one out. If you’re not, check it out anyway and see if it might spark some Halloween-lovin’ feelings in you. Related: check out my Halloween Happiness Pinterest board for all things spooky and cute. 


Hygge: What It Is + 11 Ways to Do It

Hygge, a Danish word that doesn’t have an exact English equivalent, but means something along the lines of enjoying cozy intimacy, celebrating by candlelit surrounded by friends, feeling content in the moment, isn’t specifically relegated to autumn, but autumn sure does bring out the hygge vibes in my home. Check out this post if you love all things cozy and warm and candlelit. Related: check out the Heartwarming Hygge Pinterest board for cozy inspiration.


Do you love autumn? Or do you dread its arrival? Let me know in the comments below what you love (or don’t) about the season! 

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  1. I love Autumn, and I love this list! There’s something so magical about Fall, isn’t there? We slow down, take stock of things, bundle up, and the air gets to feeling so crisp and smelling so beautiful. 🙂

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