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As it does for me every year, the week leading up to Christmas Day has arrived suddenly and in its usual attire: draped in flurry of excitement, carting around to-do lists, and adored with flair that reads, “Can’t this season just last a little bit longer?” Even though I celebrate the holiday in the most secular way possible, it still holds a weirdly sacred place in my heart, perhaps left over from my Catholic school days or perhaps because it always signifies the end of another year. Whatever the real reason — a mystery my little agnostic, overly-analytical brain might forever be trying to solve — I’m usually thrilled with the festiveness and fun that comes with the end of the year.

In celebration, I decided to revisit my old holiday-themed blog posts (dating all the way back to 2009!) and share some of my favorites with you. Even if you don’t celebrate any holidays this time of year, there are some good tips and words of wisdom for staying mindful and making merry that can really be applied to any time of year. 

Next week will be a week off for Positively Present (one of maybe two I’ve taken since I started this crazy little site!), but I’ll be back in action on January 1 with a brand-new post to kick off the new year! If that’s too much Positively Present-less time, follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr, where I’m almost always posting. 🙂 


2017 Holiday Gift Guide : the best last minute gifts that cost zero dollars

There Is Beauty in Believing : believing in the magic of Christmas isn’t just for kids

Making Merry (When Not Making a Lot of Money) : merriment doesn’t have to be pricey

The Ultimate Book Gift Guide : a must-read for last minute Amazon Prime purchases!

5 Tips for Creating a December to Remember : it only comes around once a year…

How to Get on the Nice List for Christmas : here’s a hint: you can start by being nice

The Magic Christmas : Lessons from My Holiday Tradition : I read this book every year

How to Be Single During the Holidays : because “alone” doesn’t have to mean “lonely”

5 Hang-in-There Holiday Tips : ’cause, for a lot of us, this time of year can be rough

Why I’m Obsessed with Christmas Movies : can’t. stop. watching. Hallmark. movies.

Oh What Fun! The Benefits of Being Festive : get in the spirit + reap the rewards

Festive Focus : 4 Ways to Stay Present : mindfulness is hard this time of year, isn’t it? 

Hygge: What It Is + 11 Ways to Do It : if you love coziness + crackling fires, read this!

9 Ways to Cope with Loss During the Holidays : it really can be the hardest time of the year

Dear Santa : Writing a Grown-Up Christmas List : this one has a free printable for you! 

How to Stay Calm During the Holidays : keeping your cool is hard, but these tips will help

Christmas Cheer : my Pinterest board filled with holiday decor, crafts, + ideas

Life Lessons from the Movie Elf :  it’s one of my most popular posts of all time! 

10 Tips for Keeping the Happy in Your Holidays : top tips for making the season merry


I hope this round-up helped you embrace (or get into…) the holiday spirit! Whatever you celebrate, wherever you are, may your holidays be filled with happiness…❤️



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