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Here in the US, it’s almost Thanksgiving, which, of course, is always a great time to focus on gratitude! Though you’re probably aware of the benefits of gratitude (improvements in physical health, better emotional wellbeing, stronger relationships, etc.), sometimes it can be challenging to embrace an attitude of gratitude, either because you’re not lovin’ life at the moment or because you just generally think “I’m grateful for everything” and then go about your day. Being generally thankful for what you have is great, but what really serves as effective gratitude is getting specific. And getting specific is where it can get tricky.

I believe gratitude is one of the most important things you can do to make your life more positive. It makes any situation better (yes, even those stressful moments around the holidays!), which is why I came up with 75 prompts to help you (and me!) stay specifically grateful this holiday season. I recommend using these prompts in one of two ways: (1) print them out, sit down with a pen, and write down your responses, reflecting on how each answer prompts you to think of something you’re thankful for, or (2) print them out, cut out the individual questions, and pass them around the table at Thanksgiving (or any holiday), encouraging friends and family to share their answers and what they’re thankful for.

To make them easier to print, I’ve created a little PDF download for you.
Click here to download the Thanksgiving Prompts PDF!

  1. Who would you be unable to live without?
  2. What sounds can you hear right now?
  3. How do you feel when you hear the word “freedom”?
  4. What smell do you love smelling the most?
  5. Which emotion is your favorite to experience?
  6. How does the holiday season make you feel?
  7. Did a teacher influence your life in a positive way?
  8. What have you learned from unpleasant emotions?
  9. Who is the most positive, inspiring person you know?
  10. What quote made you think about life differently?
  11. Which animals have positively impacted your life?
  12. How do you feel about your closest friends?
  13. What is your favorite physical trait?
  14. Who was the last person you hugged?
  15. What traditions did you enjoy as a child?
  16. Did you learn any lessons from a childhood friend?
  17. Where did you rest your head last night?
  18. What opportunities have changed your life?
  19. How do you like to spend your spare time?
  20. What three things do you see in front of you?
  21. What do you enjoy about your career?
  22. How does it feel to wake up every single day?
  23. When was the last vacation you went on?
  24. What is the best thing you’ve ever read?
  25. How has technology impacted your life?
  26. What character traits are you happy to have?
  27. When did you last feel pure excitement?
  28. How do you feel in your favorite outfit?
  29. When was the last time you laughed really hard?
  30. What TV show do you enjoy watching?
  31. How did it feel the first time you fell in love?
  32. What is your favorite or best talent?
  33. Do you have a simple pleasure you really enjoy?
  34. What luxury are you lucky to have access to?
  35. How did it feel to leave a bad situation?
  36. Who did you last say “I love you” to?
  37. What inspires you to keep going when it’s hard?
  38. Who provides you with a valuable service?
  39. What is the best gift you have ever received?
  40. Do you have a favorite memory?
  41. How does it feel to get paid for your work?
  42. What color makes you feel happiest?
  43. Do you feel excited about your future?
  44. What is one thing you’re really proud of?
  45. How do you express your love to others?
  46. When was the last walk you went on?
  47. What is your all-time favorite song?
  48. How does it feel to eat a really great meal?
  49. Do you have running water at home?
  50. When did you last feel really cozy?
  51. What kind of artwork makes you happy?
  52. When did you last look up at the stars?
  53. How does the sky above you look today?
  54. What website do you enjoy visiting?
  55. Do you enjoy traveling to new places?
  56. When did you last lie in the sunshine?
  57. How does it feel to give a gift?
  58. When were you last encouraged/praised?
  59. What’s the most fun day you’ve had?
  60. How do you enjoy your favorite month?
  61. When were you last really surprised?
  62. What’s the best compliment you’ve received?
  63. What are you really passionate about?
  64. Do you enjoy a good dance party?
  65. What have you learned recently?
  66. How do you feel in moments spent alone?
  67. What kindnesses have you experienced?
  68. How does a good night’s sleep feel?
  69. What dessert do you most enjoy eating?
  70. When did you last feel really at peace?
  71. How do you recover from an illness?
  72. When did you forgive someone else?
  73. When did someone else forgive you?
  74. Where is your favorite place to be?
  75. What do you love most about life?

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoyed contemplating these prompts. Gratitude is one of the best ways I’ve encountered for staying optimistic and in the moment. As joyful as the holiday season is, it can also be challenging in a lot of ways. If you find yourself struggling with gratitude in the coming weeks, come back to these prompts to remind you of all of the things for which you can be thankful!

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  1. I love this so much! Would you mind if I use this as inspiration for an upcoming post on my site? Due credit will be given, of course.

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