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The other day I was watching one of my favorite cheesy holiday films in which a kid wrote Santa asking for a new wife for her dad, and I thought to myself, I wish I could write a letter to Santa asking for what I want… A bit silly, I know, the idea of writing to Santa, but then it struck me: I could write to Santa. Sure, I couldn’t expect him to deliver the goods on Christmas morning, and I couldn’t rely on a Hallmark-movie ending, but it might actually do me some good to take a moment to think about what I really want and put it in writing.

While I don’t believe everything I’ve read about the Law of Attraction — I don’t think you can’t just think something and hope it will happen; you have to take positive action — I do believe there’s something to be said for putting into words the things you want in your life. We often think we know what we want, but when you sit down and actually write down what you want, it can be an eye-opening experience. Your priorities are made clear; your desires are put into words. 

So, ridiculous as it sounds, I’m writing a letter to Santa for the first time in decades. I’m sitting down and thinking about what I really want this year (aside from all of these material things). I thought about writing about what I want in the year ahead, but that seemed like a big job — more New-Year’s-resolution than letter-to-Santa — so instead of focusing on what I want in general, I’m focusing on what I want for the holidays. Here’s what I’m asking for…


As you can see from the list, a lot of those things are within my control — patience, mindfulness, etc. — but writing them down is a great reminder to me about how I want to act and feel during the holiday season. (And I’m sure it’ll be a lovely reminder for my family members too — they can pull up this list when I start hurrying through meals or cleaning up wrapping paper before the presents have been opened.) Writing a letter to Santa as an adult sounds silly, but I actually found it to be a great way to really think about how I want to make the holidays as positive and present as possible.

It’s probably been a long time since you wrote a letter to Santa, but why not give it a try? (Or, if the whole Santa thing is too silly for you, why not write a letter to yourself or the Universe or whatever entity seems like it might be interested in hearing about your desires?) Click below to download a full-size (8.5x11in) blank letter to Santa that you can fill in with your desires.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas, filled with all the things you ask Santa for!


Click here to download the Dear Santa letter


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  1. HI Dani! I love this idea! Reminds me of one of my favorite songs…Amy Grant singing “Grown Up Christmas List. Happy New Year!

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