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I’m so thrilled to be sharing my latest e-book offering with you: Positive Penny Pinching: How to Save Money without Sacrificing Your Happiness! You might be wondering why I — creator of Positively Present, a site dedicated to helping others live more positive and present lives — am writing an e-book about saving money. I’m not a financial guru and I’m certainly not a girl who’s good with numbers. (In fact, math was my least favorite subject in school!) I might not be an official expert on financial well-being, but in order to do what I love for a living (writing books, illustrating, and maintaining this site!), I had to curb my spending big time and learn how to save money. In doing so, I learned how powerful saving can be when it comes to living a more positive, more present life and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you!

Whether you’re hoping to make a big career change a leave behind a steady paycheck (as I did a few years ago), you have debts that need to be paid, or you’re just looking to have a little more cash in your savings account, this e-book is for you. Why take advice from me, a self-admitted non-numbers girl? While there are tons of books and websites out there with advice on how to save money, this one is different.

This e-book isn’t about creating a budget (which, yes, you really should do, even if you hate spreadsheets like I do). This e-book isn’t about how to manage debt or comprehend your retirement plan. This is about little things you can do every day to build up your savings. This is a book not written by experts who’re probably really great with money; this is a book written by someone who was a notorious spender, who never wanted to save, but who managed to transform her whole attitude toward spending and saving — without sacrificing her happiness.


This e-book will open your eyes to the basic do’s and don’ts of saving money on a day-to-day basis. It will help you discover new ways to save so you don’t feel like you’re missing out or losing the things you love. And, most importantly, it will provide you with real-life examples of what I’ve done to save enough to leave my full-time job and pursue my passion — actionable insights from someone who (still!) loves to spend.

If you’ve never been good at saving, don’t worry. I wasn’t either. In fact, before a few years ago, I’d hardly given a thought to saving. I’d shop on an almost daily basis. I’d come home laden with shopping bags, casually draining my bank account like it was an infinite pool of pennies. I occasionally put money in my savings, but I had no problem taking it back out again when I saw something I just had to have. But with a little effort and some tweaks to my habits, I found myself saving thousands and thousands of dollars — money I was able to use to starting working on my website, Positively Present, full time, which was truly worth every single penny I ever saved.


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Saving money sounds like a basic thing, but if you’re used to spending, it can be a really challenging concept to master. This e-book is designed to help you save without having to sacrifice everything. It’s designed to show you that, yes, even saving money can be a positive experience if you know how to make the most of it. Building up your savings account might require a little work (all good things do!), but saving doesn’t have to be a drag. And with extra money in the bank, you open yourself up to all sorts of positive things — pursuing a dream career, purchasing a home, going back to school, giving back to your community or favorite charity, or just feeling comforted by the knowledge of having extra funds if you need them.

In this inspiring e-book, you’ll find tons of content (more than any other e-book I’ve created!) featuring insights, advice, and ideas for making the most of penny pinching. You’ll not only discover the unique ways I’ve learned to save, but you’ll also find a few worksheets tucked in to help you keep on track with your own saving. In the e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How to master the essential do’s and don’ts of saving
  • How to take unique saving ideas and make them work for you
  • How to use browsing (and your browser!) in your favor
  • How to embrace DIY (even if you’re not a creative type)
  • How to have tons and tons of fun for little or no money
  • How to put an end to shopping ’til you’re dropping
  • How to use less and make use of what you have
  • How to focus on gratitude in order to spend less
  • And much, much more!

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “But I’m just not good at saving,” this e-book is for you. If you’ve ever wanted to pursue a dream but felt limited by your bank account, this e-book is for you. If you’ve always wanted to save some extra money, this e-book is for you. And if you’re curious about how I, a once shopaholic spender, actually managed to save enough money to launch a business and keep doing what I love, this e-book is definitely for you. So go on, grab your copy below, and get to positively pinching those pennies!


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